Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Streets?

More than anything, Open Streets is  the concept that streets are a public space that can be used and enjoyed by all people, regardless of background or ability. 


There is evidence form all over the world that Open Streets programs have a positive impact on the communities and people that participate. We want to share the benefits by bringing this event to St.Catharines!

Why Just Downtown?

Just Downtown for now!

Long term we will look at expanding the route to have space for more free activities!

Is it Really Free?


Thanks to our awesome sponsors and community partners we can bring you all sorts of fun and engaging activities for free!

There is absolutely no cost to attend or participate in the Open Streets event.

Are there Vendors?

No. There is nothing for sale by the event itself.

Fortunately, the event route is lined with restaurants and shops of all kinds that you can visit If you would like to purchase food or anything else during the event.

Hop on into a favourite place, or discover somewhere new!

This Sounds Weird, But I like it.

Though it isn't really a question, this has been the most frequent message we have received so far. 

If you have any questions for us you can visit our contact page and send us a message!